Tuesday, May 14, 2013

octopi, washcloths, and blanket, oh my!

I've picked up the hooks and yarn again after a brief-ish hiatus. Just couldn't stay away. I made some octopi, using this pattern here. Love them! Two got mailed to a friend and the little purple on got adopted into our family of crocheted critters.

From left to right: Ochita, Punktipus, and Pulpo.
And this blanket.... I don't even know why I would make a baby blanket, or even a lap blanket. I have no babies. My littlest is almost four and has never been a blankey kind of girl. And I live in Florida, where it's too damn hot 8 months out of the year to even look at a blanket, let alone sit on the couch for hours while making one. But I saw this and thought, "I need to make something like that." So I started it and now I can't stop until it's done. I'm sick like that. I used a few skeins of yarn that I had bought for the leg warmers before that trend died a quick death (Spring will do that to wooly fashions).

My first blanket. Caption says it all.

I also made some washcloths with this pattern here, put them in this basket, and stuck in a handmade soap from the farmer's market and voila! A Mother's Day Gift.

Happy hookin'! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Seeking Yarn Donations for Large-Scale Crochet Art Installation

ATTENTION ALL CROCHETERS, KNITTERS, YARN CRAFTERS/ ARTISTS:  I am working on a large scale crochet installation art piece and need gobs and gobs of yarn. If you have little balls of scrap yarn taking over your closets, please consider donating them to this project. I will happily pay for shipping costs. I will use any material, wool, acrylic, blend, whatever you got. I am working with a pallet of earth tones- greys, beiges, creams, whites, browns, and some earthy purples, greens, maroons, etc. If you are interested in de-stashing/ donating yarn to this starving artist's cause, send me a private message and I will give you my shipping address and comp you for any shipping costs. Thanks for reading my rambling solicitation!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

crochet bowls in stock... just in time for Valentine's Day!

Head on over to the shop for some lovely fuzzy bowl goodness. I crochet each bowl with 100% wool yarn, then felt them in hot soapy water. After letting them dry over the bottom of a glass jar (so they hold the perfect shape), I applique a little white heart to inside on the bottom. Imagine getting one of these filled with chocolate kisses or doves, getting to the bottom, and discovering a little love inside. So sweet!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two Free Patterns- Stash Baskets!

I had a bunch of this green and off-white yarn left over from a previous project calling for two strands held together. So I decided to continue with the two strands theme and see what else I could get out of these 4 skeins. Turns out, quite a bit! I made a pair of slippers, via this pattern right here, and came up with two new basket patterns! I love how quickly they come together, and the double thickness makes the walls nice and sturdy, so they hold their shape well even with nothing in them. Scroll down to see the patterns, and feel free to leave any corrections, suggestions, or variations in the comments.


two skeins medium weight acrylic yarn
K (10.5) Crochet Hook
Yarn needle for weaving in ends

dc  double crochet
slst  slip stich
sc  single crochet
dhc  double half crochet
ch  chain
fo  fasten off
BLO  back loop only
*beginning chain not included in stitch count

1.   in magic ring, ch2, 12 dc, slst to top of ch (12)
2.  ch2, 2dc in each st around, slst to top of ch (24)
3.  ch2, (2dc, dc) around, slst to top of ch (36)
4.  ch2, (2dc, dc, dc) around, slst to top ch (48)
5.  ch2, (2dc, dc, dc, dc) around, slst to top ch (60)
6.  ch2, BLO dc around, slst to top ch (60)
7-10.  ch2, dc around, slst to top ch (60)
11.  ch1, sc, ch 11, skip 9 st, 20 sc, ch 11, skip 9 st, 20 sc, slst to ch1 ( 63)
12.  ch1, sc in next st, 10 sc around ch, 20 sc, 10 sc around ch, 20 sc, slst to ch1 (61)
13-14.  ch1, sc around, slst to ch1, fo, weave in ends (61)


*same materials and abbreviations as above

1.  in a magic ring, ch2, 12 dc, slst to top of ch (12)
2.  ch2, 2dc in each st around, slst to top of ch (24)
3.  ch2, (2dc, dc) around, slst to top of ch (36)
4.  ch2, (2dc, dc, dc) around, slst to top of ch (48)
5.  ch2, BLO dhc around, slst to top of ch (48)
6-11.  ch2, dhc around, slst to top of ch (48)
12-18.  ch1, sc around, slst to top of ch, fo, weave in ends (48)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Felted Crochet Bowl Pattern- Easy Teacher Gift Idea

Here's a quick and easy pattern for the felted bowls I sell in my shop. This year, my baby girl is in preschool, and with three teachers, I thought these little bowls filled with chocolates would make a thoughtful, easy, handmade gift. I wrapped them in tissue paper and attached the cards that Ani made.

Here's the pattern:

Felted Crochet Bowl

Materials needed:
Worsted weight 100% wool yarn (I used Paton's Classic Wool)
Size H crochet hook
Yarn needle
Wool felt for heart applique
Embroidery Floss
Embroidery Needle

ch- chain
dc- double crochet
sc- single crochet
inc- increase
fo- fasten off
slst- slip stitch
*ch 3 is not included in stitch count

1.  Starting with a magic ring, ch 3, 12 dc, slst in 3rd ch of ch 3 (12)
2.  ch 3, dc inc in each st around, slst in 3rd ch of ch 3 (24)
3.  ch 3, *dc inc, dc* around, slst in 3rd ch of ch 3 (36)
4.  ch 3, *dc inc, 2 dc* around, slst in 3rd ch of ch 3 (48)
5-10.  ch 3, dc around, slst in 3rd ch of ch 3 (48)
11. ch 1, sc around, slst in ch 1, fo (48)

Wash in hot water with a little bit of detergent to felt. Use the bottom of a jar to shape the bowl and allow to dry completely. Cut out a heart out of contrasting felt and sew on the bottom inside of the bowl with embroidery thread. Fill with chocolate (or whatever!), wrap with tissue paper, attach a handmade card, and voila! Enjoy!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yoga Socks and Leg Warmers

I've got two new items up in the shop and am currently working on more colors:  Yoga Socks and Leg Warmers. For all of you with cold feet, these cozy little numbers are your stylish solution.

Don't forget, I love doing custom orders, so if you love them but want a different color or type of yarn, send me a message and I'll hook you up (crochet pun totally intended).

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Introducing Baby Bear- A FREE PATTERN!

So this is Baby Bear. My three year old daughter has an imaginary friend/ pet that she calls Baby Bear. She would hold him in the palm of her hand, or in the crook of her arm, all day. She would make me hold Baby Bear while she did something that required both hands. She even made her teacher at preschool hold him while she washed her hands. When I picked her up later that same day, she was still carrying around this invisible, miniature animal. She is nothing if not consistent.

I had recently finished Foxy Kitty, had some some yarn that would compliment Kitty well, and decided that Kitty needed a little sidekick. And here he is, manifested with yarn and good intentions.... Baby Bear! Enjoy!!

Download Free Pattern Here

*Please do not copy or sell this pattern or anything made with this pattern. For personal use only. Thanks!